HACKERS: Hey, github is owned by Microsoft and is ipso facto evil. Let's move to Gitlab!

GITLAB: We explicitly endorse evil and ban employees from complaining about it

@wizard we need federated code forges, stay! Fortunately ForgeFed is working on it

@mayel @wizard
Your tags are #ForgeFed and #Vervis and the account to tag is @forgefed

It's not as though there aren't other ways to wrap your repo in html, but it's nice to see something on the horizon with the possibility of competing for the advantages of network effect

@wizard @mayel

The rest of the planet: We can host our own git ffs!

This is another thing like something called 'slack'. I do NOT understand the attraction at all.

@wizard is a shitty pro-Google and anti-privacy company 🤢 I'd never use their shit,I don't have an account there and I don't even visit their page anonymously 👎 Yes,Github sucks but is even worse.And there are so many good and open alternatives.I'm personally using which uses the open source project Gogs.Other great alternatives are Gitea,Pagure or any instance using the open source version of Gitlab.

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